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so my boyfriend was trying to take a nap and asked me to play some relaxing music then proceeded to specify “it has to be that one about how she’s all about that bass but not treble and how everyone likes a little more booty” and he fell asleep smiling and dancing under his blanket to all about that bassĀ 

i can’t with this oneĀ 


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Person: I’m a woman and I don’t need feminism
What she’s actually saying:
My life is perfectly okay and I don’t really care what other women go through
I think feminists are just whiny and can’t take jokes that perpetuate harmful stereotypes
I believe that people are just obsessed with political correctness
I am blind to the fact that there are still problems faced by women
I have forgotten that feminism gave women rights such as the right to vote
I have no idea that feminism is an egalitarian movement that fights for everyone’s rights regardless of sex, gender, sexuality, race, religion, nationality, and ethnicity but mostly focuses on women’s rights.
I am more concerned about semantics rather than human rights
I can’t distinguish between real feminists and shitty people who call themselves feminists
I still believe in the false notion that feminism is about hating men
I actually don’t understand what feminism is

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